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Chick Graning hospitalization (fwd)

i just got this from the Scarce mailing list.
I though some of you might be interested.

sitting in this room so long, waiting to go home  
i think about the comfort, being home alone   
i watch and think and listen to you talk about your dreams  
i want to be with you all the time but that ain't goning to be   
Eric's Trip's "Don't Worry About Me"       Adam Rodenhiser 

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Date: Fri, 16 Jun 1995 22:22:41 -0300
Subject: Chick Graning hospitalization

Chick Graning was hospitalized on Monday with an arterialvenus malformation
which caused a severe brain hemorrhage.  Currently, he is critical, but
We all have total faith that he will fully recover after surgery, which will
be performed in about 2 weeks.  
Thank you all for your support and best wishes. I know what's inside Chick
and I know what you're all sending out there for him to tap into.  Keep up
the good work.  It's working.  I can't wait for him to see how much he means
to so many.  To all those who have sent email, please bear with me in

Leslie Aldredge

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