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the super friendz!!!

(subtitled: sizzle teen's first trip to a bar!)

hey y'all :)

well, since the nxne festival is taking place, i decided to catch a show. 
last night, the super friendz were playing at rivoli, so i decided to catch
'em out.  they went on at 10 pm, but i caught jughead who were on right
before 'em.  if you love hockey, you just gotta hear jughead's "the hockey
song".  :)

the super friendz... well, if i were to describe how they played, it would

awesome!!!!! :)

it was my first time seeing them live, and they were really rawkin!  they
sounded solid, and i have to admit, their drummer ain't half bad  ;)  they
were allowed a 40 minute set, and squeezed in as much music as they could. 
most songs were from _mock up, scale down_ (ooo, i can't wait to get my hands
on it!!), but i did recognize "karate man", and "fireflies".  maybe it was
just me, but i felt an unincredible surge of energy during "karate man"!  the
adrenaline <sp?> flow was unbelievable!  unfortunately, i didn't feel the
same 'rush' through any other songs (which is probably good... or i might
have exploded!).  chris looked like he was having a jolly good time banging
at the drums... seeing his hair fly around was an interesting sight!

i loved that show.. AND, patrick pentland was there!  aaaahhh! (i'm still
freakin' out!) :) :) :) :)  AND andrew scott was there (but i didn't see
him).  andrew's playing in a band (cheticamp?), so since they were playing at
11pm, the guys went to check 'em out... (grr.. i wish i had money)  i felt
like an idiot cuz i'm shy, so i just kinda stood there gawking at the super
friendz and patrick... *blush*  but i did build up the courage to say 'hi' to
patrick and he was really nice :)  i talked with criss and drew (well, not at
the same time..).  chubby c's ;) (..nice gut...) interpretation of a sizzle
teen: a fascist right wing movement in germany.  ha ha. :P  he liked my
murderecords t-shirt, though ;)  drew was nice.. my cuz cathy started talking
to him by asking him when they're gonna get a _real_ drummer (!). i thought
that it was really cool to see a person of japanese heritage in an east coast
band :) 

oh;  the super friendz van broke down, so they're travellin' in style in the
POG-mobile :) hee hee!

anyway, there's my "review".  i can't wait to see them all at sloanfest :)

				...sizzle teen 

p.s.  i was not hassled for age i.d.!!!
p.p.s.  hi colin :)