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Re:Interview With the Patrick

On Thu, 15 Jun 1995, Jill wrote "through" Tara da Costa:

>     Subject: Interview With the Patrick

  Do really think Patrick is a vampire?  I know several and they don't 
act the same way.  Although Mr. Pentland does seem to like black clothing 
and dark places.  You also don't see him out during the day a lot. Maybe, 
but I really don't think he is one, I have never seen him flying around 
a night or hanging off of the Halifax/Dartmouth bridges(a la Lost Boys). 
Next time I'm out with my vampirish friends I'll ask about him.  For now 
we will have to believe ffiction number 2 (contact Tara dC for more info:)

>     I look
>     up from my new position on the floor just in time to see 
>     Mr. Too-Good-For-You Pentland running out of the store with MY
>     video.

When the Chart Magazine came out with the Sloan Flexi (Sound Page, which 
is the more PC way to say it?) I was in the Paperchase looking for it.  I 
was looking for it in one of the racks when I hear a voice from below me
(no it was not the devil, but maybe a vampire:) say "They don't have any 
left." Surprised, I look down to see Mr. Pentland crouched down looking a 
guitar magazine or something like that. I didn't even notice him when I 
entered the place.  

About ten minutes later he walks out with about ten copies of Chart!
(nah!, just kidding 'bout the last part:)


sitting in this room so long, waiting to go home  
i think about the comfort, being home alone   
i watch and think and listen to you talk about your dreams  
i want to be with you all the time but that ain't goning to be   
Eric's Trip's "Don't Worry About Me"       Adam Rodenhiser