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Well, it's pretty much confirmed, and here are the dates.
Make sure you visit the Sub Pop Web Page for more info, music and images.
Six Finger Satellite, Hardship Post and Zumpano
7/7     Birdland, Halifax, NS
7/8     Boyce's Farmer's Market, Fredericton, NB
7/10    Bar D'Auteuil, Quebec, PQ
7/11    Zaphod Beeblebrox, Ottawa, ON
7/12    X-Club, Hamilton, ON
7/13    Call the Office, London, ON
7/14    The Shelter, Detroit
7/15    Empty Bottle, Chicago
7/16    7th Street Entry, Minneapolis
7/17    Pyramid Cabaret, Winnipeg
7/19    Student Union, Regina
7/20    Louie's, Saskatoon
7/21    Republik, Calgary
7/22    The Rev, Edmonton
7/24    Town Pump, Vancouver
7/25    Crocodile, Seattle
7/26    La Balcony, Portland
7/28    Slim's, San Francisco
7/29    Troubador, Los Angeles
7/31    Mercury Cafe, Denver
8/2     Fireside Bowl, Chicago
8/3     Euclid Tavern, Cleveland
8/5     Molson Ampitheatre, Toronto
8/8     Club Toast, Burlington
8/9     Met Cafe, Providence
8/10    9:30 Club, Washington, DC
8/11    CBGB, New York
8/12    Middle East, Cambridge
Still to be confirmed: Buffalo and Montreal.