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oops -- re: nxne

hiya :)

very quickly.. i screwed up with when the super friendz are scheduled to
play.  sorry!! :(   i finally got a copy of the nxne schedule, so i'm posting
some of the acts that are appearing:

the super friendz \!/ lee's palace, thurs, 10 pm
al tuck & no action \!/ indigo cafe, thurs, 10pm
leonard conan \!/ r.c.l. 360, thurs, 11 pm
hip club groove \!/ el mocambo (upstairs), thurs, 1:00 am (making it friday)
local rabbits \!/ r.c.l. 360, fri, 10 pm
stinkin' rich \!/ cameron house, fri, 11pm
coyote \!/ cameron house, fri, midnight (making it sat morn)
plumtree \!/ killintyme, sat, 10pm
rebecca west \!/ el mo (downstairs), sat, midnight (making it sun morn)
the hardship post \!/ lee's palace, sat, 1:00 am (making it sun morn)

*whew*!  feel free to e-mail me if you want to know about other bands and
where they're playing :)  sorry; i don't know cover-charges about individual
shows.  (and all shows are 19+).  that's all for today! 

			..sizzle teen