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Re: hardship post

>boy were they bad tonight.  I've been waiting for them to come to 
>hamilton for a *long* time now.. finally they come, they play no hack ep 
>material, no 7" songs... just Somebody Spoke stuff... they looked drunk 
>or stoned, and they were very unenthusiastic... 
>I've decided that Mike cannot play guitar, and him and Sebastian should 
>give up the switching instruments thing... 

I thought it was one of those "known things" that they had pretty much 
left the old music in favor of the new...  it's not surprising that they
didn't play any of "Mood Ring" or "Hack".  

Geeze, I could only wish that they'd come and play "just Somebody Spoke
stuff" our here in Vancouver...  I tire of listening to the local hacks, 
let's get some eastern imports here!

Incidentally, The Town Pump keeps saying that "Thrush Hermit" are coming
soon...  does anyone know the day their supposed to be playing here in