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Re: hardship post (fwd)

>boy were they bad tonight.  I've been waiting for them to come to 
>hamilton for a *long* time now.. finally they come, they play no hack ep 
>material, no 7" songs... just Somebody Spoke stuff... they looked drunk 
>or stoned, and they were very unenthusiastic... 
>I've decided that Mike cannot play guitar, and him and Sebastian should 
>give up the switching instruments thing... 
>oh well.. banned from atlantis salvaged the night for me.. :)

Hello there Joel, What's up ? It's Mike & Seb from Hardship. Sorry to hear 
that you didn't enjoy the show last night, but let's get a couple of things 
straight. We were NOT actually drunk or stoned. What happened was, we had 
this souvlaki platter across the street, and it left everybody feeling kind 
of woozy. Personally, I thought it was a good show. See, the thing is, we 
have all this material from our new record that we really like, and that's 
what we want to play these days. The Hack ep is not indicative of the kind 
of band we are anymore. I know that it makes it hard for people who like our 
old material to enjoy the show, but we are heading off in a new direction 
with the music and we're hoping that everyone who enjoyed our older 
recordings will be able to evolve and grow along with us. 'Somebody Spoke' 
is definately NOT the Hack ep, and our next record will not be 'Somebody 
Spoke'. We want to keep moving and changing all the time, and keep the music 
fresh and new. Anyway, that's the score, and I hope you'll come out again 
and give us another chance. I promise to practice my guitar playing a lot in 
the meantime. 

Love, Hardship Post.