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Re: NXNE/Same old Flame lyrics

I didn't want to totally destroy my pretty green 7" so I haven't been 
able to decipher all of the lyrics (plus my middle for the single is 
missing a prong & I have to find a better 1...does anyone still sell 
those things?) but here's a 1st attempt...oh my life is pathetic :)...

drag it all to the ? (same place?)
woke up with a fresh face, another day another hurricane (?)
everybody surrounds us, living high on the tour bus
its not that bad the best we can
i ain't italian or germany (?)
i spend my dollars on magazines
hard to ??? to my friends (?)
but the phone couldn't reach her
put down a filter
another day another week see my face

are you gonna tell me soon what the hell i'm s'posed to do
to make you feel all right
i've got more to say than you but i'm not sure what that proves
dancing round the same old flame
its not my fault i'm not to blame
dancing round the same old flame........ah ha

thats the trouble when i went south
had to come down & bail me out thats the damage between us
then i'm stumbling out of town
when my feet finally hit the ground
i was miles away with no one around

are you gonna tell me soon...
(chorus part of song, actually the other parts were only added on the 7"
& thats the difference b/w that & the demo)

its a major cause of damage b/w us (rpt)
see yr red sky turn to black
but that same old flame just lasts
i've got more to say than you but i'm not sure what that proves  
(etc & fadeout)

oh well, while I'm at it, here's "stood up"...it resembles 1 of my 
favorite early sloan tunes "sediment" (I think it was on an early demo, I 
only remember it live circa 1991)...I'm going to post both sets of lyrics 
b/c I think its really strange how much the song changed (so stop now if 
you want b/c its pretty long & I may be wrong about some of these too, 
can any of you locals who might know this incredibly mean unreleased song 
correct me? was this a stupid thing to post b/c I know the some of you 
are incredibly bored right now & sorry to sloan who probably want to 
forget this song but i thought it was weird b/c though i love stood up i 
liked the vitriolof the original better :) isn't that always the 
way................kat, who still prefers the fast version of torn

STOOD UP                                        SEDIMENT
i've got to meet my friends             she's a travelling show
go ahead i said i'd wait here           & she's dancing clique to clique
i thought i was supposed to meet them   & you hardly ever speak
guess i was mistaken                    b/c you know you'll be outsmarted

here's a waste of time                  her name is like the beach
they made it clear                      where you don't have to wear yr
that they're not coming                  clothes
glad i didn't hold my breath            but of course she knows 
i'm already so blue                     she's gonna write it in a letter

but i couldn't take the hint            but she couldn't take a hint
til it slapped me in the face           if it slapped her in the face
stood up in my time                     tempted in my time
helps to put me in my place             got to put her in her place

feel that they won't show               & when she's sure that i am empty
what should be my recourse?             she'll set it up so she can tempt me
should i drop a line to you             & she tried to tell me once (?)
suppose they come & meet me             you know but you'll end up in 
even if they did                          borrowed pants
its not the same til i would            her travellin show
 know them                              & she's dancing coast to coast
keep in mind i've yet to meet           & of course she's gonna end up in
 them                                     the city that she loves most
all i know is you (?)                   

but they couldn't take the hint         cuz she couldn't take a hint
if it slapped them in the face          if it slapped her in the face
...                                     ...

lala...                                 tempted, she'll send me
                                        sadder than something i didn't (?)

stood up                                tempted 
recognize                               in my time
i have yet to                           try to put her
find my place                           in her place