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Re: superfriendz and al tuck


On Sun, 11 Jun 1995, Adam S Rodenhiser wrote:

> On Sun, 11 Jun 1995, The Mighty Katrina wrote:

> > & a bit of a generic monoxides tune.
> Matt and Chris (atleast) went to see the rest of the Monoxides' set too.

Actually...it was a Thee Suddens song. (*der ner ner ner ner ner - WOOO!*)
I nearly died when they announced it was a Monoxides song and then they 
played THAT. Hoo boy. :)

By far the best part of the super friendz/al tuck show was when the super 
friendz covered "one day the warner" - OH MY GOD!!! It's going to be 
recorded for a promotional single thing for that Edgefest in August. :) 

Even though Eric's Trip are probably my most favoritest band ever, I have 
to say that super friendz show was the best gig I've been to ever. I got 
to sit down on the floor and lean up against the post and be just oh so 
comfortable, plus the lights were low and nice, the songs were so super 
great and tight and they did a lot of new songs. Drew's singing was right 
on, which was good (at cafe ole it was a bit off), and charles and matt 
were sheer pop perfection. Chris' drumming is really good, I wasn't 
really sure last time if he was actually "good" or just like a guy who 
could sort of drum. He's good.

Did anyone watch MuchEast last night? They had a short interview with Al 
"bitter" Tuck and then they showed the video for "Buddah" which is one of 
the coolest videos. Really, it totally suits his song. Does anyone know 
who is responsible for the video? Mmmmmm, smoooooooth.

Oh yeah, for anyone who says the new sloan single is just their lame 
attempt at being eric's trip, well they can just shut up. :) :) :) OH 
wait, that would be my ride 
home....xxdddfffftygyhtyhujggyttyhyt6ygh7uhujhyhyy (that last bit brought 
to you by drunk listmanagerboy james)

LOVE and a 45,
Tara Lee bitchin' Wittchen
live on location