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Re: superfriendz and al tuck

On Sun, 11 Jun 1995, The Mighty Katrina wrote:

>  Superfriendz were amazing!

By far the tighest set I seen them do. Even though Matt sed they were 
practicing for their upcoming tour.

> rolling stones "start me up" (for which chris played bass & drew played 
> drums) 

They almost remembered some of the lyrics :) 

> & a bit of a generic monoxides tune.

Matt and Chris (atleast) went to see the rest of the Monoxides' set too.
> Adam & I were sitting waaay 
> back for the 1st half of the set so I couldn't see drew b/c a pole & 
> jenny pierce standing next to the pole were in the way.

I could see everyone BUT Chris, but then we (Katrina and I) went up front.
Fortunately Jenny wasn't showing any butt clevage :) 

> adam mentioned to me that he 
> thinks matt is starting to look & act a little like joel plaskett 

Only a little shorter and older 

> Saw the monoxides at birdland afterwards...about 4 songs 1 of which was 
> their faithful cover of kiss' "deuce" ...they're so "macho" it kills me! 

Repeating Paul Stanley's ALIVE! monolouges is such a cool thing to do. 

a couple of silly things Kat did not mention.....

Robert Plant was busking outside the Oasis before superfriendz (one word 
or two??? I prefer one). I guess UnLedded wasn't as good as he hoped.

and The Mighty Katrina and The Mighty Roderick beat Tara and I two games 
to one on that soccer thing at birdland. But Katrina is too nice to 
gloat so I will for her.    


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