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so i wasn't in haltown last night.  i was in moncton instead, at the
esquire to see the SAPPy records showcase.  it was a great time and i
got to meet a lot of nice people.  when we entered the esquire,
Elevator to Hell was already halfway thru "Forward To Snow", the track
that Tanya and I had just listened to in the car.  wierd.  Anyway,
they were great.  And I swear they sounded just like the recording.
Rick took it as a compliment, i think.  Mark was great on drums and
love tara's guitaring was cool too.  of course, who can ferget the
funky keys thru distortion provided by young ron bates, a true one
finger prodigy.  Julie was on next as Broken Girl.  She quietly
started off with Dance Music and went through a short set.  Mostly,
jock noise polluted her singing, but it was still pretty nice.  Chris
came up next with Moonsocket (a.k.a. himself) and also played a short
noisy set.  I didn't recognize most of the stuff, but i heard a few
songs from the cassette i have.  Orange Glass were the highlight of
the night.  The "live" version included the aforementioned Ron Bates
on guitar, Tara on bass and Chris somebody on drums.  These guys were gr
eat, nothing compared to the 7" that Ron recorded by himself.  They
should record together for the next release.  Finally, i stuck around
for a little bit of Thee Suddens.  They were quite loud and fun to

well that's a very short review and doesn't really say much, but i had
a great time and didn't even run into a deer on the way home to
freddytown.  check out some of the sappy catalogue, especially the new
ETH.  $5 a piece kats.  later, jon