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Re: superfriendz and al tuck

I missed al tuck. It seems I always miss al tuck b/c he always starts 
playing while I'm still at work (conspiracy? hey marc, can you do 
something about this? :)
 Superfriendz were amazing! Better than at the funding drive in feb...no 
guest hip club groove appearances this time but lots of extremely tight 
renditions (esp when they paid me, I'm always surprised when they manage 
to coordinate all of the parts of that song b/c it seems so easy for the 
drums to get ahead of the guitar & then it just falls apart) of I think 
every song from the new lp, some new songs, something by al tuck, the 
rolling stones "start me up" (for which chris played bass & drew played 
drums) & a bit of a generic monoxides tune. Adam & I were sitting waaay 
back for the 1st half of the set so I couldn't see drew b/c a pole & 
jenny pierce standing next to the pole were in the way. Chris M appeared 
to be exorcising some serious demons with the way he was attacking the 
drum kit...his glasses kept slipping down his face until finally they 
fell off...I've never seen him have so much fun playing ever (tho tara 
lee & roderick said that this was reminiscent of the cafe ole show a 
couple of weeks ago)...matt did all sorts of double karate kick sorts of 
things (& I thought he reserved those for the lil orton shows) & kicked 
the cymbal into chris' face at one pt...adam mentioned to me that he 
thinks matt is starting to look & act a little like joel plaskett but that 
must be that "all hfx bands look alike thing" :)...it just amazes me that 
1 of them can start playing a song & the others, all mouthing "what are 
we playing" can follow along seemlessly...the best band in hfx! While we 
were sitting on the floor for the encores someone started dancing using a 
hula hoop...it was the most bizarre thing...nothing really to do with the 
show I just thought it was weird....
Saw the monoxides at birdland afterwards...about 4 songs 1 of which was 
their faithful cover of kiss' "deuce" ...they're so "macho" it kills me! 
") THey thanked the audience for not starting fights like "the last 2 
times" they were here & the guitarist with the rosy cheeks was wearing the 
same treble charger shirt that he wore while playing the eric's trip moncton

Oh I also saw james & jim and a few others walking down towards birdland 
on my way home from work fri night & they looked very dapper in their 
white shirts, dark suits & skinny ties. WAs the rest of the coyote crowd 
so fashionable? 

..........kat, in the green velvet dress I was supposed to wear