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gonna kill spo-dee's....

hi everyone :) :)

well, well, well...The Hardship Post played last night at one of my
*favourite* places on da globe, Spo-Dee-O-Dee's, bar from HELL.
let me tell you, after braving the horrid spo-dee staff and atmosphere
a month ago for the eric's trip show, i swore i would never ever return.
but of course i did for the post. :)

bands opening for HP were the inflateable jesus lovedolls (hardcore kids
that go 2 my school. they were booooooring!!)next, and one step up from them
was Motel 9 , who sound kinda like the beastie boys. they were ok. then
came the poster children, who were just wicked. heavier at times, but just
poppy enough to be thoroughly endearing.

The Hardship Post took the stage at 7:00. (remember that time for future
reference). i think, for some reason or another (playing at spodees) they
were cursed. it was sooo sad. but they managed to shine above it all. :)
i quite like how theyve progressed as a band. i am a big fan of mood ring
& hack, but songs like silver suit and watching you are just wonderful, in my
opinion. anyways, they are the very incarnation of all things opposite to
spodeeodees. :) 
they first launched into Silver Suit, which had me dancin away (it
was so sad, there werent many people there - the only ones dancing were me
and some maniacal boy). then, WHAT?!?! mike put his bass down, seb
and matt stopped too, puzzled. something wacky happened with mike's
equiptment and some demonic spodee staffer came onstage and stuff.  
so there went one of the best h.post tunes ever. lost forever.

a few moments later, they resumed. Now, im telling you now, i should be
shot :) cos i dont own the new record. but i know they played slick talkin
jack and what a day cos i picked out words and stuff.

Then sebastian broke a string. there was a pause, but then mike got up to
da mic and sang a song. Seb joined him on bass later.

THEN at 7:30, FREAKING SPO-DEE's kicked them off the stage cos they had to
get ready for all the drinkers to come in. :( :( :(GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!
they had played like 6 or 7 songs max. let me tell you i was NOT impressed.
infact, i was having such a great time, i coulda stayed alllll day at Spodees,
listening to h.post play, but NOOOOO!

i almost cried. dont i sound lame now? :) but i was very upset.
spodees stole h.post from us! that was a ten dollar show (not to sound
materialistic or anything, but really) and i did not get my $$'s worth.

anyways, sorry for ranting on and on. i just wanted to simultaneously
glorify the post and slam Spo-Dee-O-Dee's.

but i think you've all heard enough pour aujourdhui. :) :)

all my love and then some,
tara :) :) :) :) :)

"The smile that you send out...
   returns to you." :)
-Indian Wisdom