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Re: coyote + spine

Jim Cooper

On Sat, 10 Jun 1995, James R. Covey wrote:

> (last night at birdland in halifax...)
> i won't post a long review, i mostly want to mention
> coyote's encore set.  for the record, spine rocked --
> they did their new blues number and boy is it great.

It was a killer song, I think it's the first time I've heard
them do such a blatantly bluesy piece.  They also did Feels like Sorry, 
which they haven't done in a while, it's one of my favs.:)

> then coyote came out (it was their cd-ep release gig)
> and had some of the stage lights moved to stage-level
> so there was a dramatic lighting-from-below effect.
> they were *on* and did a *killer* version of "never
> let your friends find you dead".
They also played a couple new pieces, I think my favorite was the first 
one, I can't remember the name, it wasn't Man hate Woman.  I think this 
is the best set I've seen them play.  Tim's bass playing is very solid, 
and Patrick's drum solo was WICKED! 

> it was formal attire night at birdland and all the 
> musicians were wearing ties.  david "curmudgeon" ledden,
> our beloved lead singer/bassist of spine, was wearing
> a dress shirt, tie, and shorts -- very angus ac/dc.
> so for their encore, coyote got david out on stage to
> play guitar instead of bass -- once he had that guitar
> in his hands people were yelling "angus!" and "ac/dc!"
> and he indulged them by doing the angus-walk, crouched
> over, and started in on the first few chords, of, um,
> i forget which ac/dc song it was.  
It was Back in Black, and Patrick was right there with it, doing the hi 
hat thing:)

> anyways, david was
> really out there to fill in for allison outhit so that
> coyote could drop a couple of bubaiskull nuggets.  
> chris, now free of his guitar, grabbed the mic and
> ripped off insanely great renditions of "like a pig"
> and "i remember drinking".  
It was so good to hear those songs again.  Even though the new coyote 
songs are different from Bubaiskulls(slower), it would be nice to see 
them get another guitar player so that Chris can cut loose when he wants.
> then al tuck came out to 
> join in on harmonica on a third song.  i don't know
> what song it was.  anyways, just seeing david ledden
> and al tuck play together had me laughing out loud.
> james
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