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superfriendz and al tuck

Hey kiddies,

All of you here in the Halifax area, please please please come to the 
Oasis tonight, for I hear that Al Tuck will be opening for the Super 
Friendz. I've been listening to _MOck Up Scale Down_ for the better part 
of a month now and it's just far too good. A pleasant melange of country, 
sweet pop, crowded house, the replacements, the beatles, the byrds, and 
even a bit of rock. Super Friendz are gonna rock the boat tonight, 
friends (z). Make sure to see them on one of their upcoming tours, eh?

I just got back from seeing Coyote at R.O.W. and I think that Chris Logan 
looks like he works at Blockbuster Video. I haven't heard too much of 
them yet and I missed out on the whole Bubaiskull phenomenon when it was 
happening. But I kinda like them. :) 

At least I can remember the fact it's Coyote *not* Bubaiskull. ;) (thassa 
joke for my sweet friend Georgina Gingivitis...)


ps/ Darryll I mailed your tape and stuff like two weeks ago. Email if you 
don't get it by next week.

"I'd like to understand
 What you think about
 Why it seems so bad..."
      SAND - Eric's Trip