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my zine

 issue #2 of my zine is finally ready, for those of you who are
 interested in getting a copy e-mail me. it is an indie music fanzine,
 its really small and hopefully you'll like it. the reason it's small is
 i haven't had that much time to work on it cause of exams and stuff, so
 there are less concert reviews and music reviews. anyways, i'm really
 bored so i hope i don't sound like i'm babbling.
 you know what? [skip this part if you hate dumb senseless stories]
 yesterday i had my little elementary school re-union. and it was so
 weird, everyone i went to school with now has either dropped out of
 school, has been in rehab in the states, still stoned or believe it or
 not a stripper. yes, my old best friend has dropped out of school and
 has become a stripper. i'm still going mental about this all, i was
 sitting next to her and she started smoking opium! i'm the only
 straight edge person in the whole group. it was so weird, and my grade
 two teacher was there and she was sitting in the kitchen and she said
 she didn't want to go out in the back yard with us cause she would be
 too tempted to smoke it up with everyone!!! anyways, sorry to bore all
 of you with this. i'm off... :)

 -=- D'Arcy -=-