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coyote + spine

(last night at birdland in halifax...)

yikes!  if you missed last night's gig, you
missed seeing al tuck + david ledden + chris logan
+ tim stewart + mr. patrick m. dooley all playing
on stage at once!  what a hoot!  

i won't post a long review, i mostly want to mention
coyote's encore set.  for the record, spine rocked --
they did their new blues number and boy is it great.
then coyote came out (it was their cd-ep release gig)
and had some of the stage lights moved to stage-level
so there was a dramatic lighting-from-below effect.
they were *on* and did a *killer* version of "never
let your friends find you dead".

it was formal attire night at birdland and all the 
musicians were wearing ties.  david "curmudgeon" ledden,
our beloved lead singer/bassist of spine, was wearing
a dress shirt, tie, and shorts -- very angus ac/dc.

so for their encore, coyote got david out on stage to
play guitar instead of bass -- once he had that guitar
in his hands people were yelling "angus!" and "ac/dc!"
and he indulged them by doing the angus-walk, crouched
over, and started in on the first few chords, of, um,
i forget which ac/dc song it was.  anyways, david was
really out there to fill in for allison outhit so that
coyote could drop a couple of bubaiskull nuggets.  
chris, now free of his guitar, grabbed the mic and
ripped off insanely great renditions of "like a pig"
and "i remember drinking".  then al tuck came out to
join in on harmonica on a third song.  i don't know
what song it was.  anyways, just seeing david ledden
and al tuck play together had me laughing out loud.


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