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new wax: eth, broken girl, local rabbits

hey cool cats.  just thought i tell ya my thoughts on the new hot
stuff that's been melting on my turntable lately.  i picked up the
Elevator To Hell single from the station today and gave it a few
listens.  I didn't expect too much since i am a non-ET fan.  Yes, the
only one in the Maritimes it seems, or at least on the sloannet.
Anyway, none of this mattered because i went into it with an open mind
and it blew me away.  "The Who" is a pretty groovy start and i really
like Mark's drumming on it and Tara's funky guitar.  "Double Pleading"
just melts me.  The organ is incredible.  Very early 70's analogish
feel.  "Clearly, See Me" is the longest track and changes moods,
swerving from trancey into pure rucus.  Finally, the title track
"Forward to Snow" puts a tear in the eye and would even warm judge
ito's heart.

   I've only heard one track from the new Broken Girl "Nora" 7".  It
was "Dance Music" and I heard it on BNW the other night.  All I can
really say is that this song exemplifies the sweetness and innocence
of Julie's gorgeous voice.  Straight up, i love it.

  The shock of the day was when I tested the "Local Rabbits" waters on
their new murder 45.  I've been so sick of Rabbit posts the last few
days that i've almost gone mentally insane.  There, I am insane now.
Anyway, i didn't like the "Super Duper ep" on EnGuard, although the
last two bluesy tracks rock (rawk).  The Rabbits could rival any blues
band man, they really have a talent in that area.  So back to the
point of my story, I was blown away by "You're Such A Stupid Idiot"
today.  A song like this is the lone result of Martin Tielli trying to
have a kid with Stephen Malkmus if it was three years ago, back when
Pavement had more of that droney rock sound.  The guitar solo is just
too Rheoesque, but so lovely.  What a track though kids, if you don't fi
nd yourselves singing along, then something must be wrong.  The
xylophone reminded me of "Bad Days" by the Flaming Lips.  Overall, a
precious track.  "Play With Your Poodle" is the blues edge.  Great
slide work on this one, and it's a lot of fun.  Mentions of Jad Fair,
Stevie Ray and John Lee make it even funner (more fun).

      Check out one of these records this week.  It will make you
happy.  ETH and Broken Girl are $5 each post. paid.  (Sappy, po box
25097, moncton nb, e1c 9m9).  I'm sure murder will advertise for
themselves.  just kidding, i will.....$5.50 (????) p.p. \!/
Murderecords, po box 2372, Halifax Central, Halifax ns, b3j 3e4.  i
don't understand how the "postmaster" forced prices up.  i thought that
vinyl was cheap to ship.  colin, please shed me some light baby.
later kids, jon who will enjoy the sappy fest tomorrow (tonight) in
moncton \!/ the esquire