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Re: Never played LIVE ?

>Are there any songs that Sloan has never performed at any one of their

try getting them to play guidance counsellor. heads will roll! just

>I've never heard them play:
>Pillow Fight
>Two Seater
>What's there to decide?
>Left of Center
out of those 'uns i've heard pillerfight, two seater, left o' centre,
an' loosens live. pillow fight was done in a gloriously splendid
heavy/soft way; two seater was fast/cool/heavy/you know...; left of centre
was done very wonkily ;) and bluesy-like with the Locally R's helpin' out;
and loosens went over surprisingly well, really amazingly actually -
they built up the chorus and it was all very dynamic..

well whatever. :) 

ps/ totally unreleated but did anyone see treble charger's 'Red'
video today? wow.....
:) :) :) :)  

schools....almost ......out.
my brain is mush.

w  e  s  t    s  t  a  r    l  a  n  d  

tara :)

"The smile that you send out...
   returns to you." :)
-Indian Wisdom