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Re: how do halifax bands dress?

dhouston\!/bio.ri.ccf.org (Dale Houston) sed

}I've never seen Jennifer Pierce with a pocket protector, glasses with
}tape, and butt cleavage hanging out. Or any Star Trek t-shirts...

Hey, I used to sit behind her in Calculus, and I never saw any butt 
cleavage :)
I will vouch that she wore funny (but not taped) specs, but no PP or ST.

}Or Chris Murphy forthatmatter...

Chris I'm sure has broken his glasses more than once.  And sure he's shown 
BC, remember, he's "the fat one"...

Joel Plaskett prefers Star Wars, according to his attire (Lando!).

}I'm at work and I'm BORED!

Make that 2 of us...