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Makin' the bacon

Well I haven't actually _heard_ the new offering from leonard conan, but 
here is what Ron Foley MacDonald had to say about Bringin' home the bacon 
bits: ....full length cass. of original songs that confirms  the band's 
initial promise..... ...greater things to come.. ..sounds like a more 
intimate, kitchen party version of the Replacements' Paul Westerberg.... 
...wistful melodies and short choruses make the tunes more immediate. If 
the Velvet Underground had a somewhat sunnier outlook, it might sound 
like Leonard Conan.... ...stark minimalism...   ...primitivism of 
recording...   ..wonky charm... ...respect for McDaniels writing takes 
precedent over any hot-dogging from the players...  ...yada yada cool 
packaging wrapped in brown paper shrinkwrapped on a butchers styrofoam 
I would like to hear from some people who have heard it, I _will_ of 
course pick it up but lets hear some noise for Leonard Conan, a great 
band that is still yet to break.