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Q: What are the coolest things from Calgary?

Well, the Stampede is not one of them.

hint: They both rock!

Well, you probably guessed at least one of them by now...Tara
Wittchen is one and the other is Chixdiggit.  I saw them last
night here in StLouis, and they were soooo great.  I'm not sure
what you Canadians do in order to acheive this, but both C.Diggit
and Sloan have an amazing amount of fun on stage, something that
is usually lacking from American bands' live shows [not too close
to home, is it Todd?].

I spoke to a couple members after the show (they're friends of
friends) and they also mentioned that both Sloan albums are in
heavy rotation in their tour van (at least once a day) and this
is after being on tour for about a month.

They're playing in Champaign-Urbana, IL, tonight (my old home),
so any Sloannetters are strongly encouraged to catch them there
or at any opportunity.

Their music is kinda like Sloan meets Green Day [which is really
English post punk/power pop to us older sect].

Oh yeah, they also played a cover by Huevos Rancheros (fellow