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Re: Sloan's Linament

adam wrote about sloan's linament:

>The stuff itself smells a lot like Vicks Vapo-Rub but it is a 
>clear/brown (Just like SAPPY vinyl:) oily liquid. 

gee, name a liquid chemical, adam can tell you what it smells
like.  now why is that?  ;-)

you know, i'm really enjoying this thread of "how many tangents
can we go on from the name 'sloan'?", believe it or not.  here's
my contribution...

for your next video rental, if you haven't seen it already, or
even if you have, you should check out _over the edge_.  i think
it was made in 1980 or so.  maybe earlier.  this is the film 
about suburban seventies kids trashing their public school with
their parents locked inside.  it was never shown in theatres 
because of fears about youth gangs etc.  it is on video though.
it's matt dillon's first movie.  on the soundtrack you get the
ramones, van halen, cheap trick, and the cars!  what more could
you want?  the script of this movie could be, like, the bible of
thrush hermit or something.  and the big bad texan land-developer 
villain -- you guessed it, his name is... sloan.


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