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Sloan's Linament

It was I who has the two bottles of the miricle potion.  It is a all-
purpose remady. I have no idea how old these bottles or how old the 
potion is.  I do know that  Dr. Earl Sloan invented it and it was a 
registered trademark.  My mother smashed up her finger when she a kid 
and claims that her father kept putting Sloan's LinamentTM on it so it
would heal nicely.

The stuff itself smells a lot like Vicks Vapo-Rub but it is a 
clear/brown (Just like SAPPY vinly:) oily liquid. 

                   Normally : ac768\!/cfn.cs.dal.ca
P.S. When you blow into the bottle (ala beer-bottle by Bob and 
Doug(How's it going eh?)) it makes a really loud haunting whine, 
tres cool.