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weird stuff

hi, something rilly weird happened to me yesterday, and i was wondering 
if anyone can figure out an explanation:

i was making a tape, and i was recording maraya by thrush hermit off of a 
7 inch onto a cassette. anyways near the end of the song, i heard a 
voice it was like an interrupted transmission or something. i wasn't sure if 
they came from outside or what. anyways, when i played back the tape 
later on i heard that same male voice recorded onto the cassette. it said 
something rude and then "ya, i was just wondering when i was gonna get 
paid, eh?" it was over top of the music and static-y.
i listened to the seven-inch again because i'd never heard those voices 
before and they weren't there.
i'm rilly spooked.
can someone tell me if it's possible for a turntable to pick up something 
like a cell-phone? or, can someone lend me a manual on exorcism?
lisa c-w.