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the erics trip show.. a slightly more jaded account...

hey there...

so i went to see erics trip on saturday night... 

this was kind of an occassion as i havent really gone to that many shows 
lately (well in this town anyhow) and  it was a mixed reaction.

the motes... what can i say youve heard us (the state champs) go on about 
them all day and all night on this list so there was some expectations 
let me tell you....

i was really worried that they wouldnt be able to pull off the patented 
motes sound live... but they came pretty damn close... sort of a 
different but just as good sound... obviously no sound man would let the 
drums be mixed to the point of distortion so that was a tad dissapointing 
but they still rocked with a vengence. as mark mullane was heard 
muttering "the best rock show ive seen in this town in ages" and i have 
to agree... after having gone to the ole us of a and seen some different 
bands i gotta say halifax is looking a tad dull lately.... the motes are 
the first new band ive seen play all year at a major show... thats 
ridiculous theres gotta be some new talent in this city... anyhow all i 
can say is that its about time.... 

anyhow the motes killed ... played a hit filled set of mostly newer 
gesner tunes.... they used cool audio bits and the new full band handled 
the songs quite admirably (god i sound like a reviewer for spin magazine) ..
anyhow like  i said a different motes sound.. no bass onslaught less 
raunchy drums.. no distorto vocals ... but it didnt matter ... anyhow the 
motes are the best band in canada... period.

anyhow i missed trike but ive seen them a few times... straight ahead 
rock... catchy... poppy.. boppy ... tara loves them ... nuff said..

anyhow erics trip...

hmm i dont know but i gotta say theyre pretty rusty or something...

i remember seeing them play in the summer (june) of last year and 
thinking they were one of the best sounding live bands id ever heard .. 
they were totally tight ... totally loud and so heavy i was almost 
killed... but in the 2 shows ive seen them play since (their only 2 
halifax shows?) theyve slacked off...

the second time they played basically the same material but suffered from 
crappy sound... but saturday night was really inexusable...

the loud thing is not reliable... just playing loud is stupid ... the 
guitars were no longer huge and fuzzy and warm instead they were rumbly 
and muddy ... the drums were near inaudible (mark looked like he was 
falling asleep) and the band looked kind of bored.... chris did the same 
ole feedback thing at the end to less effect then the first time hed done 
it way back when... july was nervous as usual and chris made all sorts of 
racket while she tryed to talk (another classic... i have nevr been able 
to hear what she says cause everytime she talks chris starts playing way 
louder than her voice)..anyhow the moral of the story i was bored...

erics trip are getting too predictable... lets get some new stuff goin 
on... im getting tired of the ole dinosaur riffage it was fine at the 
taime but its getting really outdated.... and the classsic dinosaur wah 
solo thang is really old... 

anyhow i guess i shouldnt have been that surprised it seems that most of 
the bands around hear are getting pretty slack playing here.. probably 
due to the classic no need to impress the home town audience thing ... 
but id really like to see some effort or something ... if we have to see 
the same ole bands all the time id at least like to see them put on a 
good show... 

anyhow at least the motes rocked.. but was $6 worth 20 minutes of motes 
and endless suffering afterwords (well it wasnt that bad) ... hmmmm 
maybe... since it was their first show. i guess yeah...

oh one more thing i was surprised to see erics trip added some new 
members ... way to go shant.. adam...