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More local rabbits

On Mon, 5 Jun 1995, Colin wrote:

> > QUESTION- HOw old are these Local Rabbit kids?  At the beginning of 
> >"stupid idiot" when they stop and say something about "just 
> >concentrate on the singing," they sound like little kids!  

> LR are not a bunch of kids.  A bunch of kids would be 
> Plumtree and the LR are much older (from what I can tell).  They all 
> dress differently and it's there attemp to NOT attach themselves to 
> any sort of scene that Halifax seems to be so good at perpetuating.  

Well, the age of the local rabbits would indeed place them in the 
plumtree category.  I think that most of the local rabbits are 18.  I 
also think that most of the plumtrees are 17-18.  

I'm not sure what the reference to dressing has to do with their age, 
though, as i remember, they seem to have a penchant for cowboy hats and 
hawaiian shirts--local rabbitts that is.  Most of the times that i have 
seen plumtree it has been t-shirts and jeans...

Perhaps the local rabbitts don't seem to be attatching themselves to the 
Halifax Scene as they are based in the suburbs of Montreal.  However, 
when they were on Brave New Waves a few months ago they spoke highly of 
Thrush Hermit and related a story of an accidental crank call to chris 
murphy.  They also played five shows with Hip Club Groove and Sloan on 
their last tour.  Their main connexions with halifax would be their pop 
explosion performance last year and their single on Murder.  

Their Super Duper ep is worth picking up as it gives more of a cross cut 
of their curious blend of alt-pop and blues riffs than the single.  the 
only thing it leaves out is their obsession with all things early eighties 
and cheesy.  Most of their live performances feature at least one or two 
glimmering covers of the best of the worst.

They're young, they're crazy, they rock, what more can you ask for?


Mike N.

aspiring local rabbits junkie?