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Re: Why not a newsgroup?

On Fri, 2 Jun 1995, Murray Stevenson wrote:

> Hey,
> 	On the administration kinda side of things, I was just wondering 
> why this is a mailing list and not a newsgroup.  Being no professional 

The main reasons I think this is a mailing list and not a newsgroup is that:

1) There is more hardware/software/admin work if it is a newsgroup.

2) Not all sites get newsgoups. Everyone gets mail.

3) Mail is more personal. It also takes more work to 'subscribe', therefore
cuts down on the occassional newsgroup lurkers who post 'SLOAN SUCKS, 

4) People like mailing lists.

Unfortunately this is not a list-serve mailing list so you cannot put it 
in digest mode. 

Hope this helps.


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