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hardship post/eric's trip

Just got back from eric's trip at birdland...being a sunday night the 
show ended really early (9:30) & the nasty bouncers asked everyone who 
wasn't a subpop employee or member of sloan to leave :) I wish I could 
remember exactly what they played b/c the 4 shows I've seen in the last 2 
weeks have kind of melded together...smother & warm girl were added, by 
request, as the encore...16 hours is another great new song (tara lee 
mentioned lighthouse)...i'm so near here, my room...I was kind of jumping 
up and down in a daze so I don't remember exactly what was played...the 
crowd was pretty still til the inevitable 1 person started pushing another 
& then the floor turned into a mass of flailing bodies. It was definately 
1 of the mightiest et shows I've seen...I'm so tired... 
(also just wanted to mention too that I was very impressed by the motes sat
night...apparently it was their very 1st real show...they have much more
energy live than on their tape)

ANd about hardship post...saw them at the row instore sat & felt very 
badly for having dissed them here a couple of days before...the songs are 
starting to grow on me & mike's "I'm an idiot" speech in the middle of 
"my secret" was hilarious...some kids got seb to sign their 
skateboards...guess we'll never hear the hack & mood ring stuff again b/c 
it was "just a phase" they grew out of (it was just as james had said but 
we had to find out for ourselves :)