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Re: Why not a newsgroup?

heelllooooo :)

you know it's gonna be a good day when you sit down at the computer, turn it
on, then turn on the radio only to hear "underwhelmed" starting at the exact
moment you turn it on... yipeeeee :)  (now i'm partially deaf cuz i pumped up
the volume really loud.. *oops*)

when i saw the idea of a newsgroup, i immediately cringed.  and here are the
reasons why i cringe...
1.  my service does not provide full internet access, since this is a free
service.  so 2 of us on this list would suffer (unless the other party knows
something that i don't... fess up!)
2.  i have full internet access at university, but for some reason, everytime
i try responding to something  or post something to a newsgroup, the computer
immediately fu.. er, i mean, screws up ;)  (help!)
3.  to me, a newsgroup seems pretty impersonal, whereas with this system, it
feels like a big happy family :)
4.  i wouldn't get any e-mail 
5.  it's easier to store messages that are already in my mailbox

..and i'm sure i have a few more reasons that i can't think of..

of course, there are the perks of having a newsgroup, since it's accessable
to a wider bunch of people, and it doesn't take up mailbox space (memory)...

well, that's my $0.02.

		...sizzle teen [going through net-addiction therapy ;) ]  

p.s.  WHY was it no surprise when i heard that criss smurfi is the temp
drummer for jale???  :)  (you could still get the job, alex!)