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Re: A Potpourri of Topics...

Hi kids of sloan net,

On Sat, 3 Jun 1995, Joyce Linehan wrote:

> jale are planning to tour across Canada this summer.  I ahven't seen a 
> list of the cities they plan on visiting.  As soon as I get dates, we'll 
> post them.

I was talking to Jenny Pierce last night at the Eric's Trip show and she 
said they will be hitting the Prairies sometime mid-August with (most 
likely) the Inbreds and the Super Friendz. She said she was very excited 
to be hitting that part of the country because they've never been there. 
So ya'll better tell all yer friends to go...

Oh, and about that Super Friendz cassette. Tara DC (hardcore chick :) ) 
was responding about song titles and said maybe to list song titles or 

10 lbs (the best song they've ever written, they might make a country 
line dancing video for it...that MIGHT be a joke... heh heh... ) :)
Karate Man
Down In Flames
Dear Old Ireland
Come Clean (a different version than the single)
  (by different I mean better)
Rescue Us From Boredom
Kiss The Land
Stone Alone
You'd better Call
When They Paid Me
One Day

plus a secret unlisted track at the end. It is very good, it's quite 
varied the styles of music they play. It's hard to pin them down as one 
type of thing. I guess that has a lot to do with the fact MAtt, Drew, and 
Charles all write and even amongst their own individual songs they write 
different kinds of songs.

More boring gossip. I read in Exclaim that sloan has been officially 
dropped from DGC. Hmmm...I asked Colin about that, he wasn't too sure. I 
also asked Jay F. about that, and he wasn't exactly sure what the band's 
status with DGC was at this point in time.

Eric's Trip last night at Birdland was soooooo amazing. Half the set was 
new songs like Lighthouse which ruled. They played "Sunlight", "My Room", 
"Your Always Right", "Feeling Around", "So Near Here", "Warm Girl", 
"Viewmaster", "Girlfriend", "new love", and tonnes more that I can't even 
remember. They were magic and beautiful and so great and Rick isn't as 
tall as I thought he'd be. Julie is so spacey and nice. Mark is the best 
Drummer EVER. :)

I have to go now, they're playing at Birdland in about another hour. I am 
happier than I ever thought I could be. Hope you are all having a good 
month of June. :) :)

Tara Lee

"I'd like to understand
 What you think about
 Why it seems so bad..."
      SAND - Eric's Trip