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local rabbis

Well, being a stunted AMERICAN, I finally got my Local 
Rabbits/Superfriendz stuff and wanted to just imitate everyone else by 
saying this stuff is so GREAT!  Local Rabbits have a really playful and 
great sound, with they xylophone(?) chime in the background really 
adding to the pop bliss.  The b-side is ok, really mellow compared to the 
other side.

And the Superfriendz....need more be said?

QUESTION- HOw old are these Local Rabbit kids?  At the beginning of 
"stupid idiot" when they stop and say something about "just concentrate 
on the singing," they sound like little kids!  They made Ben Lee sound 
like an old-timer, but that's okay because they're all 
sorry  about  that...
                                                --- ha ha hua-
                                                    my ok zine

p.s.- my murderecords t-shirt evoked a lot of
        suspicion among my schoolmates. 
        "is that what the new mcdonalds logo looks like?"
        "what is it?"
        "it's the logo to murderecords.  see?  these are birds."
        "it's not the mcdonalds logo?"
        "it still looks like it's some mcdonalds logo."

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