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Re: thrush hermit

>i saw Thrush at the Shelter in Detroit about two weeks ago and it was an
>amazing show.  There was maybe 25 people there max not including the opening
>bands (Poumans, Rusty).  They played mostly new stuff with a couple rocking
>tunes from _smart bomb_.  After the show we talked to them for a while about
>many things, primarely who originally wrote the music for _French Inhale_.
>also i can hardley wait to see Harship Post (the?) at a free concert put on
>by cimx on June 24.  well i just thought i'd like to get all that stuff off
>of my chest.

Yeah, I saw them when they were in Toronto at the Rivoli (openers were The
Local Rabbits and PlumTree) a few weeks ago and it was really amazing.
There were a few more people at this show but still small enough to be
friendly and the band walked around talking to people afterwards. If anyone
hasn't seen Thrush Hermit live, I highly recommend it.. they put on a
great show...