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come on you slaque ass jerques :)

Hey you LES AMIS DU SLOAN people....

Not to be a mean girl or something but HEY!!! get your tapes into Tara Da 
Costa and me quick. Especially Tara. This tape has been talked about on 
Brave New Waves and has been written about in two nationally distributed 
magazines, so I'm kinda getting excited again. Tara was telling me things 
have been a bit slow on the receiving end for her. Come on, be quick or 
be dead (Iron Maiden reference for ya!)....

kisses and hugs to those who have already sent stuff in....and hey, 
D'arcy, I saw yer letter in exclaim, cool. :)

check y'all later,
Tara, the silent partner in Daydream Records and the vocal bigmouth in 
the other label.... 
"stick around for a while
 listen to my thoughts
 it makes you smile..."
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