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Re: FOR SALE: 4M of Archives

}A local book store here a net site.. I might be working there this 
}summer, so if I get the job as the systems manager and stuff I might 
}be able to hold them for everyone. Would you mind sending me them anyway? 
}if you have them online, thats if you don't mind :)

I have them all but because of the compressed file format of my Pegasus 
Mailer I have to extract them all as text and then send you the text, 
unless you want me to forward you 1000 individual messages :)

I think I'll dump them as monthly digests and also collect lyrics, 
interviews, concert reviews and other more informative bits into separate 

I'll still keep them myself at least on floppy in the hope that a 
trustworthy net archive site shows up.

My time is limited but I'll get on this soon so you can expect to see 
various large files trickling toward you over the next weeks.