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Kids in Hell and Darkness, what's up?


Yay! I got to talk to Julie from Eric's Trip/Broken Girl tonight. :) Is 
it possible to be more happy? No. She showed me a picture of her baby Ben 
tonight, he is soooo cute, he was holding onto his little foot and wow... 
She sang tonight at Birdland and it was the most beautiful thing. I don't 
know exactly how but her songs never cease to amaze me. Gorgeous and 
simple and if you hear the lyrics you can probably understand what she 

Rebecca West also played and they were stupendously amazing although I 
missed my favorite song "honey ant dreaming" because stupid me, i got 
hungry and heather and roderick and me went for cookies. Lukas' knife 
playing on the bass thing is out of this world... too freakin cool.

Anyway, to all the kids in hell and darkness, come down to R.O.W. 
tomorrow to see Hardship Post, ok? It's free, so you have NO excuse. 

And..... ERIC'S TRIP!!! Birdland, tomorrow, with the MOTES. Be there. 
IT's my first time ever seeing them and the good/bad thing is Julie says 
that they'll probably play mostly new songs. Come one, come all.

OOOOH....and the State Champs 7'' arrived at James' house today. :) :)
Buy one, help me get out of debt, help James pay for his new porsche, 
help Jim buy that dream house he's been eyeing for days now....

Love/A Bientot,
"stick around for a while
 listen to my thoughts
 it makes you smile..."
         LISTEN - Eric's Trip