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sort of sloan anniversary

I am such a pack rat, i never throw anything out. Today, i was cleaning 
up my room & i found the sloan-edited issue of the Coast, made exactly 
one year ago. 

It is SO funny, esp. now. Highlights include...

Patrick describes seeing his first "Indian Elvis impersonator". (I wonder 
how many he's seen this year?)

Thrush Hermit's big fashion spread, with a look of "martial arts meets 
arena sports"

AND MY ABSOLUTE FAV... Stinkin' Rick dismisses a record because, "I 
wouldn't want this playing with my little sister watching. Gross" (Isn't 
that the most outlandish thing in the world?)

It's just so amazing. I really think sloan should do another issue as 
sort of an anniversary special.   Have a great day everyone, Heather