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Re: Just another question from me...

shant pelley writes:
> okay, i beleive what you had seen are the sub pop in-store promo copies 
> of the album. i have the "love tara" promo, and if it's the same, it has 
> the generic gig poster/magazine article/advertisement picture of the four 
> of them huddled onto the floor together. i've seen the "forever again" 
> one, but i forget what it looks like, but i believe it was the same 
> layout as the "...tara" promo. slimline case with black and white cover.
> shant:)

I am pretty sure the CDs in questions are promos too.  I have seen the FA 
promo and it he the b&w picture from inside the retail version as the 
cover and the backside has a numbered track listing (the retail ones 
don't have a numbered track list anywhere).

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