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Re: edgefest 2

> BTW, the hardship post will _not_ be at edgefest 2... they'll be touring in
> the states at that time...  
> 				...sizzle teen

Actually, they will be.  The band may not even know this yet, but we 
re-routed that whole tour so they could be there.  The other two Sub Pop 
bands they're on tour with, Zumpano and Six Finger Satellite, will be 
there also.  Six Finger is playing some kind of a side stage, because 
apparently only Canadian bands are allowed on the main stage.  Maybe I'm 
not allowed on the main stage either.  What about the tour's  road 
crew?  They're all American. If they're not allowed on the main stage, I 
hope one of you friendly Canadians out there knows how to change a guitar 
string in case Sebastian, Mike or Carl break one.