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Novacain brampton tour '95

yah ok before EVERYONE rushes to buy tickets to get to brampton <g> this
is not really a tour... see my music class and another music class went
to two schools today and we did a little showcase thingy and we go to
two more on friday. first venue of, say... 100!!!  Mind you its all
kindgergarten to grade 6.  Needless to say it really sucked ;) just cuz
i have nothing to do i'll give a rundown of today's tour

St. Anthony's
ok this one had K-6 i'm pretty sure. there may have been some grade 7's
there i'm not sure. so the band (with the trumpets and stuff) played
their 5 or 6 songs, then these two guys in my guitar class went. i swear
that song they played (an orginal) is 10 mins long or something. and the
chords are exactly the same as zombie by the cranberries i'm not sure if
they knew or not they are metal-ish.  so neways we're going up after
them right? so we're setting up (btw there's only one mic and we're
playing straight out of our amps which we aren't allowed to have higher
than 2 or 3) and we're just ready to play when BUZZZZZZ what? yah thats
right they had a fire drill right before our set. (btw we were supposed
to play french inhale and then 25 alright, both by thrush hermit).  So
we all go outside and then we had to leave so us and another group that
was supposed to play never got to.
Oh yah our "tour bus" is a school bus but there was like no place to put
our stuff so we're all cramped with our amps and stuff. neet eh.

Mother Mary Wards
I'm SURE this one didn't have kids that were higher than gr. 6 and one
of the gr. 6's asked us if we knew any greenday. i KNEW that was going
to happen. 25 alright has the exact same chord progression as basketcase
anyways.  So we actually got to play but the mic was plugged into what i
swear was some kinda karaoke amp that was 10 watts or something it was
so terrible no one could here the vocals but people said the guitar was
ok, so not a total loss

we complete the tour on friday i'll post an update and i'm sure everyone
really really cares ;)