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My secret life

I find it intersting that you don't dig My Secret Life, James. I htink 
it's one of the best songs on the album. As a matter of fact though, I do 
like almost every song on the album. I don't know, I'm just happy to hear 
some of Mike's songs after seeing these guys play together since high 
school and this is the first time Mikle has written ANYTHING! Matt even 
wrote songs before Mike. Anyways, My Secret Life is probably my second 
favourite or perhaps third on the album.

Also, the test pressings of the album are rarer than the promos, and they 
don't even have the bands name on them. All the test vinyl is is a blank 
white sleeve and the centre label on the Record only says Test Pressing 
SP-289 or whatever the catalogue # is. So do I have any offers? Ha Ha. 
Only joking. Also, I heard the album has a bonus track not on the promos. 
A Husker Du tune I beleive. How about a review of that?

Also, Eric's Trip are coming to St.John's! With, get this, the 
Rheostatics and the Tragically Hip! Can you believe it? They're playing 
at the STADIUM. It holds something like 3000 people, give or take several 
hundred. Tickets are $26! I can't believe it! I will have to shuck out 
the bucks though I suppose, Too bad they're not playing at a club or 
something. We shoulod book them to do another show under a different name 
if they're not aloud (sic.) to play other venues (probably a contratual 
agreement for a shoiw like this).

Anywaus, that's it fromt the rock for now,
Bung, Liz Band and Potmaster at the loft this Fri. & Sat.
L-O, V-E you're my little love machine (WASP)