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Re: FOR SALE: 4M of Archives

hi... I can't really put the files on line because I only have a temp. 
slip linkup, but if you'de like me to hold them on disk for you I'de be 
more than happy too, since I have about 400 or so megs free :) but if ya 
wantsomeone to hold them just let me know.. 

BTW I think I might be able to find a ftp site for ya :)

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On Wed, 31 May 1995, Andrew P. Rodenhiser wrote:

> OK, I posted this offer a while back and got minimal response.  I have 
> archived nearly a thousand "interesting, informative" SloanNet Messages 
> dating back to the infancy of the 'net (like, two weeks old, when I 
> joined) but I really could use the 3-4M of space (compressed, even!) which 
> they occupy on my 120M hard drive here at work.  I'm hoping that someone 
> out there can either point me to an archive site where they can be 
> uploaded (perhaps in monthly format) or take them off my hands.  I'd 
> really hate to delete this stuff and the die-hard fans out there who 
> didn't join so early on might like to read it (as would whoever takes on 
> the task of FAQing this list).
> It's all here, folks:
> lyrics
> newspaper articles
> trivia
> interviews
> music reviews
> gig reviews
> record store reviews
> the joys of vinyl
> discussions of earplug acoustics
> and the occasional flamewar
> Somebody please help me preserve this wealth of info.
> Andrew
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