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FOR SALE: 4M of Archives

OK, I posted this offer a while back and got minimal response.  I have 
archived nearly a thousand "interesting, informative" SloanNet Messages 
dating back to the infancy of the 'net (like, two weeks old, when I 
joined) but I really could use the 3-4M of space (compressed, even!) which 
they occupy on my 120M hard drive here at work.  I'm hoping that someone 
out there can either point me to an archive site where they can be 
uploaded (perhaps in monthly format) or take them off my hands.  I'd 
really hate to delete this stuff and the die-hard fans out there who 
didn't join so early on might like to read it (as would whoever takes on 
the task of FAQing this list).

It's all here, folks:

newspaper articles
music reviews
gig reviews
record store reviews
the joys of vinyl
discussions of earplug acoustics
and the occasional flamewar

Somebody please help me preserve this wealth of info.

" 'Sucks!'   Everything 'sucks' now!   What is that? " -- Jim Nunn
Andrew P. Rodenhiser, Ph.D. Candidate RODENHISER\!/CHEM1.CHEM.DAL.CA
Dalhousie University, Halifax, N.S., Canada   or APRODEN\!/AC.DAL.CA