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Re: scarce / hpe

On Wed, 31 May 1995, cp wrote:

> is anyone familiar with the band Scarce?
> (at least i think that's what they're called... heard one song)
> apparently they're a u.s. east coast group
> who've played the halifax pop explosion
> twice. (btw, is this still going on?)
> tell me more, would you?
> (that's if'n u.s. stuff doesn't contravene
> the line of appropriactivity on this net! :)

Weeellll...they _did_ play the Pop Explosion two years running.  AND 
they're from Rhode Island, which is on the East Coast.  And since James' 
sig says only East Coast rawk;), not East Coast of Canada...you get the 
idea.  Scarce only has one major release right now: the _Red_ EP (named 
after the sound engineer for the recording).  Right now they're touring 
with Hole in Europe, but I spoke with them over email, and they hope to 
get up to Halifax sometime this summer, cause they love us so much 
(really...they think Hali's great!).  How's that?

PS Get _Red_, if you don't have it...music from the Gawds.  And they have 
even more energy in a live show, so if they ever get to Calgary, see them 
at all costs.

PPS I'm sure the Pop Explosion will happen again this year, in the late fall 
as usual.  

That is, if Peter Rowan ever replaces the $200 rubber cheque he sprung on 
the Model UN Society I'm in [_Decent_ Management? Not of money...;)].