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the hardship post

hello, sizzle teen here again...

hmm... at CFNY studios today, the hardship post were there :)  and i saw them
for the first time!  actually, mike and i tried sending a message from the
computer at the bloor and bathurst studios to the 'net... now to see if it
gets here...

well they were in for an interview.  they answered questions from people in
radio listening land....  can't quite remember them, though.  i know that the
first one was about what instruments they used on the album (sebastian
started laughing... ????)... some else asked about influences (the dj dave
bookman pulled eric's trip and sloan out of their mouths)... they're playing
in t.o. on the 17 of june (19+) as part of nXne.... um, someone asked about
what they did in their spare time, and what they like to eat (???) -- all i
remember is that sebastian said that you can't eat ice cream in _halifax_ 
only two months a year and the rest of the time they eat hot food (like hot
dogs and fries... !?)...  and that's about all i remember...

oh, and they do not know what a 'sizzle teen' is.... mike sayz to ask jay f.,
since he's the creator of the term (sebastian guessed a hot teen....).  

oh, matthew was there too... he and sebastian were eating falafels...  and
all 3 had looks of ultimate disbelief when i told them that i'm 19 (they were
talking about doing all ages shows...)....

anyways, here's hoping that the message we sent from cfny ends up on the
net... if not i'll have to relay the message....

				...sizzle teen

p.s.  james, try not to be mad at them!