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THE hardship post on THE wedge

you can catch this again tonight & tommorow morning (around 9am atlantic 
I think)...it was a little embarrassing to watch actually, esp mike's 
abbreviated guitar solo & feedback at the end of "yr sunshine"...sook yin 
just kind of froze half way thru the interview & announced that her brain 
was dead...I think sebastian hypnotized her with his reveen like voice 
while explaining about the 2 different "what a day"s (1 happy...1 
nonhappy)...they seemed a little out-of-it actually, maybe just really 
tired, I don't know. Glad to see the sloan drum kit is getting some use 
:) The segment ended with the video for "watching you" in which 
sebastian looks not at all like jon bon jovi :) (I'm sorry thats what I 
was expecting after the many descriptions I'd heard of the shoot 
:)...super short/b&w...I haven't seen the lp around yet...does anyone 
know if sams or dischord has it yet? (I've heard it so much there already)

will roderick be bringing any special treats to eric's trip? I've heard 
he's an excellent cook :) ..............kat (hey I wanna be marc brown too:)

PS heard there are only 300 green vinyl same old flame/ stood up 
7"s...insert by patrick,crisss or jay so pick your fave...the rest are 
blackvinyl...oooooo its sooo exciting....collect them all

 "i didn't care if I had nirvana in my living room, I was still going to bed"
    ...........chris leblanc, on arriving home at 5:30am to find members 
               of treble charger & the posies drinking homebrew at his apt