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Re: ET show in Stittsville

On Tue, 30 May 1995, Noise Eee wrote:

> I reply:
>     Why the dis of the hip??   I'm not sure i understand.... plus, they're
> some of the biggest eric's trip fans around, and are totally cool.   ET
> didn't get on to the Roadside Attraction tour because they asked, they were
> invited.  Any band that takes hard working bands like COH, ET, or Inbreds on
> the road across Canada would seem pretty darned cool, in my opinion.  Not to
> mention that the Hip also choose Canadian bands like the Inbreds, hHead, and
> Rheostatics to open for them across the U.S.    This is what is called
> sharing the wealth, and helping bands out.   It's certainly what the east
> coast scene is all about, and should be adopted across indie hearts everywhere.
> Cheers,
> Joshua

i have to agree completely. i like the hip and i'm not ashamed to admit 
it. it takes a lot to bring some of these bands on the road with them, 
because a lot of the people that go are there to see the hip, or someone 
like, in this case, matthew sweet, or whoever. i heard a lot of people 
complain about change of heart at the hip show in halifax, and the only 
thing i'll agree about was the fact that they're not an arena band...and 
they know it too. i saw them at birdland in april and it was easily the 
best show i've seen this year! however, as it stands, eric's trip are 
probably going to get a lot of shit from those beer drinkin preppy "mommy 
paid for my university" assholes who make the show less enjoyable anyway. 
so i commend the hip on trying to open the minds of these people. i just 
wish it was coming this far east. oh well, at least trip are playing here 
this weekend:)