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Sloan quote in Nirvana book

sorry to post to the whole list, but i can't remember who asked for the 
sloan quote in the nirvana biography _Come As You Are: The Story of 
Nirvana_.  anyway, here it is, as found on p. 225-226:

	"_Nevermind_ came along at exactly the right time.  This was 
music by, for, and about a whole new group of young people who had been 
overlooked, ignored, or condescended to.  As the twentysomething band 
Sloan sang in 'Left of Centre', 'I really can't remember the last time I 
was the centre of the target of pop culture...I'm slightly left of 
centre/of the bullseye you've created/It's sad to know that if you hit 
me/it's because you were not careful.'

There you go...

exes and ohs, 
NiNa :) 

   NONE OF YOU WILL EVER KNOW MY INTENTIONS...immortal words by Kurt Cobain.