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neither good nor bad


Hope you're not all sick of this topic. I remember reading someone's mail 
last week and saw everyone was posting top and bottom five songs by 
sloan. well, you know, I try to maintain an air of mediocrity in my life. 
Here are two lists of five mediocre sloan songs. 

   *Tara* (mediocre dj type, mediocre french student, etc.)

3- shame shame
3- what's there to decide
3- take it in
3- two seater
3- people of the sky

(the number three thing is sort of roderick's idea which I sort of stole...)

   *Roderick* (mediocre physics student with mediocre social skills who 
incidentally is letting me use his computer in my oh so mediocre way)

500 Up
People of the Sky
Deeper Than Beauty
Before I Do

Other mediocre things related to sloan:

tara - 
the second underwhelmed video is rather mediocre. it wasn't as funny or 
as interesting as the first one but it was more interesting than many
other videos out there.

roderick -
the whole band is kind of mediocre. their ticket prices are mediocre. 
they're too expensive to go see but they're not REALLY expensive, either.

Well, this concludes this not interesting but yet not the lamest post. An 
exercise in mediocrity indeed.

go back to your feeble little lives. :) :)

love the procrastinators
T & R

"stick around for a while
 listen to my thoughts
 it makes you smile..."
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