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Super Friendz - who the hell do they think they are anyway?

Hee hee...

Last night they played at the Cafe Ole with thruster and um, someone else 
who i missed since i didn't find out super friendz were playing until 8 

I got there during their second song. They look so Un Rock Like it's 
ridiculous. Sweatshirts, jeans, tshirts. They looked like they were 
having fun, though. 

This was my first time ever seeing the super friendz and i was immensely 
pleased. Songs that I can remember :

Come Clean
10 lbs
Karate Man
When they Paid Me
Rescue Us From Boredom

I know they played a lot more, but I've only heard the new album a few 
times, so I can't exactly be too sure. Also, some girl took the set list 
before I could. Grrrr....

Matt Murphy is absolutely amazing on guitar. I'd heard about his prowess, 
but wow, to witness it live in person, and he doesn't even look like he's 
trying. Wow. :) He went a little (but just a little) bananas and jumped 
up and knocked over the mic stand, most of chris' cymbals, and then sort 
of fell over. The stage at cafe ole isn't really that big, it's about the 
size of a walk in closet. ;) So those hijinx shenanigans were just about 
the funniest thing to see. 

The singing for the most part was really cool altho there were a few 
parts where Drew seemed a bit off. No big deal. It was still pretty sweet 
and it was also neat to see Chris drumming for more than just one song. I 
like them better live than on tape and man, I love their new album. They 
are supposed to be leaving to go on tour soon and I hope they have fun 
and that you all go see them. 

Thruster were silly boy punk and I left after 3 songs. Whoops. They 
started throwing porn magazines at the audience. When we got back after 
their set, it was like a huge pile of ripped of porn mags and stupid 
disco lights. Bizarre.

Anyway, tonight is Al Tuck with Stinkin' Rich. mmmMMMmmm! If you're in 
Hell or Darkness, go to this show. I heard someone might be giving out 
cookies at this show. :)

Check y'all later,

ps/ Tdc - Rescue us didn't make me cry for once. It might have had 
something to do with the fact that matt was jumping around like a baboon 
during the really sad parts. :)

"stick around for a while
 listen to my thoughts
 it makes you smile..."
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